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Voorheis Transfilm(R) fuel oil heaters are of steel, all welded straight-tube single pass design with aluminum internal extended surface.

The extended surface arrangement serves to divide the flow stream and increase turbulance while simultaneously presenting much extra surface to the oil in a reduced overall length. The very high conductivity of aluminum, as well as its chemical resistance to hot oil, make it an excellent selection for this unique arrangement. The relative short tube lengths of Transfilm(R) heaters plus all welded tubes eliminate the necessity of expansion elements. Detail Page

Voorheis Industries Gasiform(R) Bluff-Body(R) Register Type Rotary Kiln Burners The voorheis Bluff-Body(R) register was originally designed as a boiler register for high technology combustion and low NOx. Bulletin BB 5/87 and Booklet 87 (directed toward boiler burners) also apply to kiln burners as the technology is the same.

The Bluff-Body(R) register type kiln burner uses a proportionately smaller diameter register section as it is being sized for a relatively longer flame length. Detail Page

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