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[Picture of heater assembly]

Voorheis Transfilm(R) Fuel Oil Heater a Truly Reliable Heater Meeting Heavy Oil Requirements


[Picture of heater assembly]

The Voorheis Transfilm(R) Heater has been designed for the optimum in fuel oil heater performance. It is inherently non-fouling due to the heat sink effect and even heat distribution of the aluminum extended surfaces, but both solvent and mechanically cleanable in order to meet these often specified requirements.

Pressure drop is very low ( usually 5 to 10 PSIG range ) due to the elimination of the conventional open tube cooler core and therefore very effective film heat transfer.

Heater oil storage is only 0.003 gallon per lineal foot of tube which average only approximately 0.03 gallons storage for each GPM of a typical duty heater. Therefore a 10 GPM heater would only have approximately 0.03 gallons of oil in the tubes which means exceptional response to temperature change and regulation requirements.

The above operating qualities of low pressure drop, no tube wall sludge buildup and fast temperature response help meet overall plant operating requirements such as viscosity regulation, accurate fuel metering and clean burnout.

The physical compactness of the Voorheis Transfilm(R) Series of heaters allows the design of very compact pumping and heating sets or the horizontal or vertical installation of the heaters in tight quarters. Heaters are available with standard tube lengths of, 3', 4 1/2', 6', 7 1/2', 9', 10 1/2', or 12'.

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