Voorheis Industries, Inc.

Brief History

Voorheis Industries was incorporated in 1959 with an initial emphasis on research and development in solving combustion problems which have persisted since the beginnings of industrialized society. Much activity was devoted toward the resolution of these problems and they have been successfully met during the ensuing years resulting in various patents and state of the art equipment. For example, our upsteam low pressure air atomizing nozzle resulted from nearly 20 years of designing, testing, and actual field applications.

Having obtained several patents in the field of nozzle design and atomizing fuel technology, we began installing our unique lime kiln burners and heavy fuel Transfilm oil heaters to the pulp and paper industry with a great measure of success that continues today.

Other ancillary equipment is also available such as fuel oil pumping and heater sets, oil and gas trains, pilot burners, flame failure control panels, and startup burner systems for kilns where the main fuel is coal.

Since the field of energy and its efficient use appear to be the keys to any industry's success, Voorheis Industries continues to perform in the vanguard of the combustion engineering field.

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